Architecture magazine and no fire prevention

Fire protection and construction have not yet arrived in the architectural and engineering media.

Nottreppe an einem Hochhaus in São Paulo - Brasilien Foto: Graf.arq wikimedia commons
Nottreppe an einem Hochhaus in São Paulo - Brasilien Foto: Graf.arq wikimedia commons

The Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg a distinctive and world-known example:

In addition to the structural and building services today, the expertise in fire protection and construction of architects and engineers, plays an increasingly important role.

Unfortunately, this is – according to the impression of many colleagues – still far in the relevant architectural and engineering Media – Magazines, Books, Internet.

With extensive education, training and practice as an architect, fire safety expert and journalist, I am able to make complex circumstances in the building law and in the fire prevention for planning construction, clear and understandable.

Liebe/r Verleger/in,
lieber (Chef-)Redakteur/in,

I would be happy to assist you in your future publications, to inform your readership and comprehensibility, to give you the necessary knowledge about fire safety, and building rights in theory and practice.

Are you interested?

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