Wood- Building the Future

The use of wood in terms of architecture, building services and fire protection

A follow-up report with video:

The “wood- building material of the future” event was held on the 7th of November in Berlin. This lunched a serious of events that will give the Wood construction, specially in inner cities, a new drive.

Approximetley 80 participants and six wood- frame construction specialists participated in a colorful mix of lectures on the structure, local control and fire protection, in which all revolved around the topic of wood. They explained the benefits of the use of wood- material building from a perspective of various different disciplines and presented solutions on how the positive features of the universal building material can be optimally used, now and in the future.

After the introductory moderation by the co-organizer, Ansgar Hüls, Matthias Röhnert, Managing Director of the wood wholesale company, was welcomed and hosted the participants of the event. He reported on the positive development of wood products, which led to a lively demand. However, many lacked a systematization, of good wood construction systems, for economical and competitive market access.


Daniel Rozynski, architect at Rozynski storm architects, mediated the fascination and versatility of wood building material. In his lecture “Urban Wood construction – from research to prototype,” he presented impressive projects in wood. Wood construction is characterized among other things by short construction and a comfortable living atmosphere.

On the basis of details on walls, ceilings and roofs Ansgar Hüls, holder of the offices Hüls engineers, showed all of which is in the building material of wood: wood – it builds you! He demonstrated the power and flexibility of wood building materials, “not only buildings can be realized with low height Made of wood,” he concluded.

  • Jürgen Körner * informed the participants about Effective embankments in the wood construction. He spoke of issues such as different insulation materials, their specific properties, processing, seals and possible structural damage.

In fire tests outside of the building, each participant was able to convince yourself of how simple a loose-fill insulation works and how it is ordered with the flammability of various insulating materials.

An engineer for building technology, Thomas Blass, explained the complicated connection between technical building equipment and wood-frame construction, along with the topic of energy and climate systems in wood-frame construction. The main focuses were: the subjects of climate for good sensations, energy balance, heating and airing.

During his presentation, Reinhard Eberl-Pacan, fire protection planners of the Eberl-Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH Pacan, proved that wood is not riskier than other building materials. The audience also learned more about the requirements of the directive and the sample wood construction regulations. They would not be in way of the use of wood as an ignitable building material.

His conclusion: Good fire protection is not an obstacle, but an important element in the planning and design of buildings. However, an optimal communication between all parties involved in construction, is necessary.

In a final “Get-together” organizers and listeners still had long opportunity to an intensive exchange of ideas and exchange of views.

neue Zeile

Wood – Building the future

burning – not burning – burning – does not burn?

Content of this lecture:

At the beginning of my talk I would like to carry out a mall fire attempt (with approval provided).

Then I’ll tell you a few principles about fire protection and Historical Development of fire safety in wood construction.

From my lecture, you may expect answeres to the following questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of wood-frame construction directive?
  • How does the present situation really present itself?
  • Why is wood – the building material of the future?
  • How does the relation develop between architecture and fire prevention?

Finally, you will get an insight and a view from our experiences.

neue Zeile


The lecturfe founded on November 7th, 2013.

Wood – Building the future

with approximately 80 participants.

In five lectures illuminated,

Various aspects of the use of wood building material:

  • Properties and preparation of materials.
  • Advantages and limitations of wood construction.
  • Visual aspects and Construction.
  • Design in wood construction.
  • Walls and supporting structures.
  • Wood treatment.
  • Insulation materials, materials and their processing.
  • Energy and climate systems for climatic.
  • Energy balance for heating and ventilation.
  • Fire protection; regulations and their implementation.

A get-together with discussions and snacks rounded off the event.


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