Advantages of Wood Construction

Wooden buildings are durable, provide best construction physics basic conditions for thermal insulation, sound insulation, air tightness and are naturally leaders in energy conservation.

With good planning of construction and materials used for the items on the site, saves energy costs as well as time, by prefabrication. Short construction times, low-noise and low-stress sites provide benefits to neighbors and other interested parties.

Wooden buildings are extremely cost-effective not only in usage but already during the construction phase.

Its lastingness has been proved long ago and thus you must also shy in the “longevity” to no comparison with customary massive constructions.

However, only a very few and courageous pioneers plan and achieved on the basis of these facts in inner-city and multi-storey houses made of wood.

A system of rigid rules and standards narrows the possibilities of implementing massive hit biases against them. Wood, as a building material that had been withdrawn largely from the city center since the great city fires of the late Middle Ages, was under the suspicion of flammability.

Its good insulation properties,

of 0.22 W / mK (compared to concrete: 0.69 W / mK), insulation and structure in a plane.

Its high heat capacity,

that is, the amount of heat which is required to heat 1 kg of a material,
(about 4-times larger than iron on wood)

Its low thermal expansion,

it can be neglected in wood in practice, since it is more than compensated by the shrinkage due to drying be inhomogeneous material structure
Cellulose 42-51%
Hemicellulose 24-40%
Lignin 18-30%
Extractives 2-10%
Ash 0.2-0.8%

Its ability to establish itself with the help of fire protective carbon layer against the fire,

Building stability sinks in the case of fire only slowly and assessably, whereas structural steelworks are inclined due to the temperature-dependent firmness loss to the sudden, uncontrolled collapse.

wood-as building material for resources-protective and lasting handling nature and the less primary energy need.

Benefit Architect/Engineers

Architects and structural engineers plan new urban residential buildings, we keep the fire back free.
We deliver powerful and innovative ideas in order to convince clients.

Benefit Residents/Users

For a modern sustainable and resource-efficient building, there is a large pool of interested parties living and working in the city center, who are willing to apply a high level of commitment and stamina for their dream.

Benefit wood industry

Wood-frame Construction Companies are linked to the desire, in the starting blocks, to open up with their products, which were tested and optimized with high costs, and had already been proven in practice, new markets and opportunities.

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