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For a building inspection approval, a fire certificate is required

Ehemaliges Arbeitsgericht Berlin - Lützowstraße 106 - Berlin-Mitte (Reinhard Eberl-Pacan: Frühe Projekte)
Ehemaliges Arbeitsgericht Berlin - Lützowstraße 106 - Berlin-Mitte (Reinhard Eberl-Pacan: Frühe Projekte)

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You are a property owner
Extensive real estate.
Your offer is flexible and diverse.
Your appearance is serious and convincing.
You appear solvent and, in the long term, a contented customer.
You need permits for new uses.

Fire prevention is particularly important at authorities.

We provide customized concepts.

Authority: Hotel industry offends against fire prevention regulations

Illegal Hostel

From the Weser Kurier from 13.10.2011:

Neustadt. The New Town Airport Hostel Bremen has been operated illegally for more than a year. Jörg Hibbeler, of the construction management, has announced this during the meeting of the social committee on the Tuesday evening. Its authority tries to implement a use interdiction for approximately one year, because the trade against fire protection regulations offence. Due to constant operator changes and unawareness of continuos guests, the prohibition was not enforced .

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A permit for your hostel
Risk "unapproved"
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Possibility of intervention in redevelopment into a tourist accommodation facility
Interdiction of utilisation possible
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Apartments for rent
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The fire prevention proof in Berlin and some other federal states

Services in accordance with § 67 Building Regulations Berlin (BauOBln):

On the basis of the building measures, intended by the developer, we provide necessary fire prevention proof, according to §67 BauOBln.
This is then submitted to the buildings building class 4 and/or 5, and is at the special structures for consideration by the engineer for fire protection or supervision.

In the course of (local) dates we advise the owner and the architects, to one regarding security and costs optimized fire protection concept, with consideration of the use-conditioned and formative solution.

The co-ordinated proof is constantly accompanied by us into meeting dates with the board of works/test engineers, and the fire-brigade in the testing method and supplemented, or described if necessary.

The fire protection proof usually contains:

  1. the substantial material-legal requirements of the planned building project on basis of the building regulation of the respective Federal state.
  2. investigations to fire protection-technical simplifications for the construction and consideration of being void or additional fire protection measures.
  3. qualified fire protection plans (visualization of the fire protection concept) with representation of the requirements to components and building materials.


Additional expenses such as travel costs, post office and communications fees are contained in the fee. Other additional expenses, in particular tracing and duplication costs, costs of a consultation at the fire-brigade (approx. 100 €), costs of proofs of the fire-fighting water supply (approx. 10 €), are accounted for on proof.

We begin immediately after the conclusion of the work on the fire protection design and make it a rule not later than 10 working days after conclusion of the contract and delivery of all the documents ready.

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