Innovative fire protection

Ein Blick in die Welt der Gamer - Schlesische Straße 27 - Berlin-Kreuzberg Foto: AO Berlin
Ein Blick in die Welt der Gamer - Schlesische Straße 27 - Berlin-Kreuzberg Foto: AO Berlin

Fire protection and innovative architecture

They are architects with an innovative concept, they work with pleasure for demanding principals, they have to master a fullness of challenges.

A necessary specialized task is fire protection, here you seek additional and equal partners.

Request our expertise.

Projects References

As a renowned engineering and architecture firm, we assure you to get the architectural design in accordance with the fire protection.

Architectural fire prevention

  • Competent investigations of the architectural circumstances
  • Expert opinion
  • Clarifications with the building authorities and the responsible fire prevention offices
  • Innovative fire prevention concepts and fire prevention proofs
  • Fire prevention-technical construction supervision and object supervision
  • Accompaniment to the successful fire protection decrease

Organizational fire prevention

  • Fire prevention order part A to C
  • Escape and rescue plans
  • Fire plans
  • Inspections as a Fire Prevention Officers
  • Creating checklists of routine maintenance
  • Inquiry of necessary fire-fighting means units

Qualifications of our team

  • Architects
  • Fire prevention experts
  • Experts for fire protection construction / contract monitoring
  • Professional planner for preventive fire prevention
  • Planner for preventive fire protection
  • Fire safety officers

We are available to you, at any time, for questions; with pleasure, also with a personal appointment.

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Projects in fire protection

Our expertise for intelligent solutions

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Gesetze – Richtlinien – Vorschriften
Überblick im Dschungel ...
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Fire protection is …

A few entertaining fire protection sayings to tell friends and partners, or simply for you to smile.

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In Sachen Brandschutz international unterwegs
Voneinder lernen
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Veranstaltungs-Reihe „Architektur + Brandschutz“

Ab 30. November 2013 im Büro Eberl-Pacan Architekten + Ingenieure Brandschutz

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Erläuterung von Brandschutzbegriffen
Was soll das bedeuten?
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Berlin: construction supervision by the engineer for fire protection

The obligations of the construction management architects, in terms of supervision by the engineer for fire protection, can be found in the “small print” to the form of the Berlin building inspection offices.

Das Video zur Kampagne "Richtiges Verhalten im Brandfall"
Richtiges Verhalten bei Bränden
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Our Expertise

Publications in wood construction and fire protection

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