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Tracer for smoke outlet
Tracer for smoke outlet

Property and labor protection

You are the owner of a particular property. New uses will lead you to new requirements. Your tenants need areas on the state of the art.

You even think about your return and the security of your property. Fire protection is personal and property protection. We offer you cost-effective solutions.

You are an employer and is committed in the context of existing employment to care towards your local employees. Therefore, both public and private legal health and safety regulations must be observed.

*You take the protection of lives and health of your employees seriously. we help you with advice and act. *

Technical Regulations for Workplaces

On the 3rd of December, 2012 “Measures against fires”, ASR A2.2 became the new working place rule. It substitutes for the old working place directive ASR.

13/1,2 „Fire-fighting equipment“ and specifies the requirements associated with provision, the operation of fire message and fire-extinguishing equipments and the associated organizational measures.

The Guide by Michael Becker, Director of Training and Education TOTAL fire protection GmbH, in FeuerTRUTZ Magazine 2.2013, helps the employer to comply with the new technical rule or – to reach at least the same security and the same health protection for workers – in alternative solutions.

If we’re late …

Due Diligence (DD), known as the “duty of care”, according to Wikipedia, called “the ‘due diligence’, with the purchase or sale of real estate … … the object in advance … is checked.” Are the opportunities and risks of a purchase rated here.

Besides, the fire prevention may not be forgotten above all with complicated real estate and special constructions.

Fire prevention faults can make a real estate worthless and lead at least to considerable add-on costs and restrictions with the use.

Fire protection is a stress test

A stress test is a risk management tool. By means of scenario technique is hereby the effect of a change in exceptionally strong exogenous factors …examined companies, investment portfolios, yieldsor similar. In finance, stress tests are used for complementary evaluation of market risk in particular.

Source Wikipedia: Stresstest (Finanzwirtschaft)

A fire protection plan is a stress test for your building

What to do if there is a fire?

A fire event is a stress test for your building or your estate.
If a reasonable fire protection concept is present, which brings both the planning, to system design and organizational fire protection in line, you have a much quicker and more effective response to this question.

 Stress test: seen from geek & poke
Stress test: seen from geek & poke

Make a stress test

Timely review of the fire safety measures in your property prevents an obvious huge risk when a sudden fire or damage event.

Stress tests for banks

Fire protection necessary for banks

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This applies even more so when firefighters and fire protectors advised to clear. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) now also calls for the European Banking Authority (EBA), a rapid recapitalization of European banks “
writes the “Financial Times Germany” and compares the difficulties of European banks with a starting major fire.

Source: Financial Times Leitartikel 30.08.2011

Stress test for nuclear power plants

“The stress test for nuclear power plants includes targeted assessment of the safety margins of nuclear power plants. In particular, the effects of extreme events in terms of plant safety and causing serious accidents are investigated.”

The European Working Group on Nuclear Safety (ENSREG) has specified test requirements. They are intended to supplement the existing certainty considerations in nuclear power plants from the viewpoint of the Fukushima events.

Source Wikipedia: Sicherheit von Kernkraftwerken

Stress test for “Stuttgart 21”

“In the arbitration award, the German Bahn AG is obliged to carry out a stress test for the planned railway junction Stuttgart 21 railway operations based on a simulation”

Module 1: Concept of the simulated timetable.
Module 2: Technical support / monitoring of the simulation.
Module 3: Review and attesting the stress test.

The results of the stress tests presented on July 21st 2011. A public, transmitted by television, presentation and discussion of results,moderated by Heiner Geissler, took place on the 29th of July 2011.

Source Wikipedia: Protest gegen Stuttgart 21

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