Fire Protection in Berlin – the third time’s a tradition

3. Berlin fire protection technical discussion in Spreespeicher of Osthafen

“… And the third time’s a tradition.” After this statement, the Berlin fire protection specialist call (BBF) has become a good tradition in the agendas of architects, fire protection planners and representatives of government agencies and fire departments from Berlin and elsewhere in Germany. On the12th of September, 2013 was the 3rd ceremony in Berlin’s Spreespeicher at Osthafen.

The Berlin fire protection technical discussion has now blossomed into the most important fire safety event in Berlin, despite the last-minute cancellation of the Berlin Bausenators in the person of Secretary of State, Ephraim Gothe. The discussion has proved itself to be the ideal partnerships of the FeuerTRUTZ of publishing company, the trade association fire prevention (WVB) and the union of the fire prevention planner (VdBP).

in der Presse:

As a training event, it is recognized by thirteen architects and engineers chambers, awarded the partial continuing education credits for successful participation.

A wide program was offered, under the presentation by Karl-Olaf Kaiser, on this year’s subject of: „Fire prevention in industrial constructions“. Approx. 100 participants a broad program offered four papers, „a duet “and a panel discussion of the advisers with possibility for detailed demands. New industrial standards and guidelines, played an important role and served as practical solutions to the special challenges of fire safety.

An extensive exhibition about fire prevention services, fire prevention systems and fire prevention products – among other things with Celsion fire prevention systems, Hekatron, ZAPP carpenter, Stöbich or Wagner – and to the advanced training in the fire prevention (EIPOS) informed for proven solutions and to topical news in the preventive fire prevention.

After the greeting word of Dr. Peter Spary, managing presidential member of the WVB, followed a talk block with the following advisers and subjects:

  • Reinhard Eberl-Pacan, architect and fire protection planner, spoke about * “Industrial Construction – safe in the world of work“*
  • Dirk Aschenbrenner, ladder fire of Dortmund and newly elected Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of preventive fire protection (vfdb), thematized “Fire prevention – a day job – industrial protect against flames“
  • Lutz Battran, board member of VDBP, treated in his lecture “The Industrial Construction policy in practice“
  • Tanya Bruckmeier, test engineer for fire prevention, reported about „life save – products protect – fire prevention beyond the building code“.

Afterwards, Reinhard Eberl-Pacan and Boris Schubert, Managing Director the Celsion Fire Protection Systems GmbH, fought a question and answer “Duet” on the subject of “The harmonization of European construction guidelines”

A fire protection practice, of the exhibitor svt fire prevention, resumed directly on Spreeufer, after the lunch break. A panel of discussion of the advisers, at the end of the event, on the subject, “new norms – new directives – what is happening in the industrial construction.” was formed

The 4th Berlin fire prevention discussion will be most likely found in

4. September 2014

in Spreespeicher of Osthafen statt.

The subject is “fire prevention in schools and day-care centres”.

The event will take place in 2014 under the umbrella of “Fire Protection Academy Berlin (BAB)”, which is currently being set up.

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