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All this can be found on our website:

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We want to be up to date:

Yesterday is history. We want to be up to date. Take us at our word and visit us as often as they want. We will provide you with current and over again, with “red hot” and important news.

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Hotelbrand in Titisee Foto: Archiv
Hotelbrand in Titisee Foto: Archiv

We want to advise you:

„Good advice is worth of gold“, with us, nevertheless, affordably. A good advice, a catching fire, creative idea can save a lot of expenditure and money. Ask us if you the “shoe” presses“, we will advise you – not only architecture, wood construction and fire protection.

We want to inform you:

Information and exchange are the central contents which we want to publish on the Internet. We want to supply you on with topical knowledge and with background information. No question should remain unanswered – as far as stands in our power–.

We want to keep you entertained:

„Fire prevention to the laughter and to the wine“. With pleasure we tell you our experiences in dealing with authorities, developer and other. Of course only if they are entertaining and “strange”. And of course everything remains anonymous.

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We want to surprise you:

Creative ideas, innovative draught, thorough conversions. With us you may experience this. Our achievements are your added value. You do not expect this? Allow to hand it over to you. Challenge us!

Petronilla Hohenwarter - HOW THE WORLD HEALS
Petronilla Hohenwarter - HOW THE WORLD HEALS

We want to “deceive”:

Our homepage is a main entrance in a varied world.

Come in and take you to the menagerie of our activities in „social networks“, XING, facebook, Google+.

Step inside to enter a wide range of culture and art. We will inform you about our commitment as a gallery for visual artists, many galleries and exhibitions „südwestpassageKULTOUR“, und „Poesie und Lyrik“ usw.

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We invite you to:

Our office always has an open door.

Not only on the days of the “open architecture firms” or our art openings and lectures: You are welcome to look around in our office to look at modern art or to learn about current issues and projects to architecture Wood construction and fire protection.

We want to introduce ourselves:

What actually happens to all in the office for fire protection, for wood, for architecture?

We are happy to let through our “keyhole” to watch and do a little bit of “spying”. We are all just people (even our computer;-) and have – mostly – nothing to hide.

neue Zeile

We want to say “thank you”:

Last but not least we want to present our projects and our partners. We want to also pay a thanks to those who support us in our daily work. Let’s start at this point with a special thanks to Eric Sturm, who has made this website possible with its outstanding expertise and his patient empathy.

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BrandWende - ein Kunstplakat
BrandWende - ein Kunstplakat

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