A Vision…

“If the life has no vision for which one longs, then there is also no motive to exert itself.” (Erich Fromm)

“If you want to build a ship, do not drum up people together to collect wood, prepare tools, assign tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

The vision is the motivating, positive-formulated image of a state which we want to reach with our enterprises.

With this vision we give the direction in which our enterprise should develop. The vision expresses where and for which we want to stand in the future. A vision encloses more than the sustainable aims of our enterprise.

… is the heart of our enterprise. Our impulses go out from her, she gives the tact. All activities and actions of our enterprise can be derived from the vision.

Everyone is invited to take part and support us.

We count on you in 2013!

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The stars 2013

Those who reach for the stars,
must not be surprised,

he holds bare air in his fists;
thus, he has got closer to them a piece.

This is why we also want to reach in 2013 for the stars!

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Architects bear the responsibility for the fact that the built environment becomes more aesthetic, more ecological and more lasting. Besides, we want to support you: with attractive and thought-out wood-frame construction and with the fire prevention, which supports the security and the well-being of the users, as well as innovative attempts and unconventional ideas.

Wood-frame construction

We want to improve the knowledge and competence of architects and engineers in wood-frame construction and put on a broader base.

Fire prevention

Fire prevention in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Here we want to promote, particularly, the communication and exchange among the actors. Therefore, we have planned a lot: The Berlin-Brandenburger Brandschutz-Bier (Berlin Brandenburger fire prevention beer) and the Berliner Brandschutz-Fachgespräch (Berlin fire prevention discussion),this year on the 12th of September at Spreespeicher, Stralauer Allee 2a, 10245 Berlin.

Everyone is invited to take part and support us.

We count on you in 2013!

Wood-frame construction in Germany

Construction with wood and spare resources

This is a subject on which shows how easy it can be to reduce energy demands and to counter the threat of total climate catastrophe, without any loss of the quality of life and comfort, which is a factor that, otherwise, is keen to deter us from our good intentions.

Vorteile des Holzbaus

Architecture and fire prevention in the dialogue

In dialogue we achieve optimal results

Therefore, we speak many languages.

We speak the language of architects and understand your concerns when it comes to planning, design and quality.

We stand with the people who worry about environment and climate; energy and resource spare.

We speak with you of security and fire prevention and show you how to bring your aims in harmony.

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Intelligence instead of expenditure

No smoke extraction necessary in lifts of stairwells.

For “not necessary” lift shafts, a smoke exhaust is not required. A ventilation may be required if necessary, etc. to derive heat. Since there are even no requirements for wall quality to the elevator shaft, there are no requirements for such vents.

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Knowledge and Experience
in fire protection
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