Goals and Values


Our aim is to connect good architecture, energy-efficient wood-frame construction and competent fire prevention.

Together as architects, wood-constructors and fire consultants we…

  • Create high-quality, energy-efficient and safe buildings
  • Secure your health and your values
  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Increase your business results

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A Vision
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Fire and light are poetical themes to be explored in all its diversity.
With passion and consideration
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We want to inform:
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Wood construction

“Wooden buildings are durable, offer excellent physical basic building conditions for thermal insulation, sound insulation, air tightness and are leaders in energy conservation.” Woodworking project

With a good combination of architecture and fire protection, during both construction and operation, energy costs can be saved by using intelligent solutions.

Wood, as an important building material, requires a new type of architect working in close collaboration with fire protection and structural engineers. Wooden buildings can be developed as “high-tech buildings”.

These tasks create new designs. They arise from logic, analysis and research, and observe the precept of “austerity”. Architecture and designs are then available again for the combination of aesthetics, ecology and function.

neue Zeile

Towards Architecture


The beginning of a new century presents new demands on us as architects – just as one hundred years ago.

1923 Le Corbusier severely shook his call, “ Towards Architecture”, on the rigid structures of a traditional conception of architecture and aesthetics.

Is it not our actual and perceived crises, which, are the reasons behind a rethinking of architecture and construction? Do they not require a new way of dealing with the most important tool of architect: the design?

Le Corbusier: Modulor
Le Corbusier: Modulor
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Ein Regal genügt Foto: Andreas Franke - panabild.de
Ein Regal genügt Foto: Andreas Franke - panabild.de

Paperless Office

Since 1999 – after many failed attempts – we are now a “paper low” office.


Love of architecture – and desire, in the thicket of laws, to dance norms “creatively”.

That is, 25 years of experience as architects with a variety of construction projects. Comprehensive secondary education as designers and consultants for preventive fire protection.

Architekten + Ingenieure für Brandschutz
Brunnenstraße 156
DE-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Tel. +49 30 700 800 930