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With us for architecture, wood construction and fire protection

Our goal:

Good architecture, energy-efficient timber construction and competent fire protection.

Support us

We are in a growth market with our company and we want to grow.

We want to expand our commitment to architecture, wood construction and fire protection and look for new employees.

Fire protection for timber construction is a challenge that supports sustainable and ecological building where it is most vulnerable: fire protection.

If you have followed the work of our office, you know how important fire protection is in general as well as in detail for architecture in timber construction.


Prerequisites for a job with us are less the hard skills, such as knowledge or special competencies. We focus on commitment and new ideas. Graduates are just as welcome as transversers in the fire protection.


Your success is our success and your profit is our profit. This is why we want to pay you above-average, so that we can also work together tomorrow.

Recruiting-Video: Arbeiten als Brandschutzplaner bei Eberl-Pacan Architekten + Ingenieure Brandschutz, Berlin from WWS Film BERLIN on Vimeo.

Reinhard Eberl-Pacan Architects + Engineers Fire protection advises and supports its customers in the implementation of fire protection measures in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). "Fire protection and above all fire protection in timber construction is an absolute growth market," says office owner Reinhard Eberl-Pacan in the recruiting video of WWS Film BERLIN. "We also want to grow and look for employees". It is not so much a question of sound knowledge or previous knowledge, but above all of the commitment to wood construction and fire protection, according to the engineer. The vacancies of the office are also deliberately aimed at career changers or university graduates.

Further education

We support every employee with training in fire protection and ongoing training. This is the only way to ensure that everyone is able to cope with the challenges ahead.

Working independently

We promote both working in the team (we call it power teams) as well as – after solid training – independent working and deciding. We are open to flexible working models such as flexitime or home office.

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